Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Find Jesus in the Lasagna

No, this is not another tacky silly story about how somebody found a silhouette of the Lord on a burnt piece of toast.   No pictures in the lasagna.  Rather, two people I love thought of lasagna at the same well-timed moment, and it made us all think we were receiving ‘help from above’.
In the previous blog post,  I mentioned that I’d write two stories about real-life coincidences that indicate to me the love of Jesus in the days before my Mom's death, because someone was provided exactly what they needed in a surprise way.  This is one of those stories. 
Background:  at the time of this story, my mother was declining in health rapidly due to breast cancer.  My brother-in-law was in the hospital in a touch-and-go situation requiring daily attention from my wife and her sisters.  And my middle daughter Monica was getting less attention than she normally gets when she comes home from college for a several-day break.
So my wife Mary, stressed to the hilt but still mindful of the needs of her children, said to Monica, “Sweetheart; I haven’t given you much attention recently.  I’d like to do something nice for you. 

(Read the rest at Wtness.org)

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