Thursday, May 15, 2014

We have grown up! This blog is now WTNESS.ORG.

The blog has grown up into a real website.  Its new name is

From today forward, all new stories will be added to  This blog will be kept up only for two reasons:

1.   To let users of the blog know about the new site.
2.   To ensure that people who have bookmarked the blog will not find it missing when they next visit.

The site has some features that this blog does not:

1.   The ability to join.  All it takes is you to enter a made up user name and password, and your email address.
2.   Members can do these things:
  • Submit their own personal God Stories 
  • Have their own personal collection of God Stories they authored, which they can watch get hits as people around the world read them. 
  • Send a link to your friends of your story.  Each story has its own URL.
  • Add comments to another person's story. 
3.   Use an Advanced Search, that allows narrowing of stories by search term, location, year it occurred, author, and story category.
4.   Enjoy a nicer look.
5.   Share stories over social media, like Facebook and Twitter. 
6.   Contact the volunteer staff of more easily.  

Please join us at our new home, where we can get to know the impact of Jesus Christ together.