Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scientist Francis Collins, Head of 'Human Genome Project', Finds God

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If someone had asked me what is the language of God, I would have replied, "mathematics" without hesitation. Given what physicists have learned about the universe in the last 100 years and its origins, the discovery of quantum mechanics and new but slow progression of scientific thought towards new realities of life at the sub atomic level in what had thought to be an immutable atomic theory.

However, if you had posed the same question to Francis Collins, his response would be genetics and the unraveling of the human genetic code. In his book "The Language of God" it is the precision of DNA and the countless ways amino acids come together, as if by design, to make life; all life across this world we live in. Moreover, it is done with such magnificent detail and so minutely and with so little possibility of error, that Collins cannot come to grasp the wonder of it without acknowledging that there must be a creator.

If Collins was an only an avid reader making these conclusions, it might be a lovely opinion, but nothing more. But Collins is more than avid reader (which he is). He is also an M.D., Ph.D. and an expert in bio genetics, as well as the current director of the NIH (National Institutes of Health). More famously, Collins was the leader of the scientific team that became known as the Human Genome Project. The culmination of this was the famous announcement at the White House in mid 2000 that the project had done what had never done before. They had successfully mapped the human genome; the blueprint of human life.

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John T Spencer
Book Citation: The Language of God by Francis S. Collins
Free Press, Division of Simon and Schuster, Inc. 2006 New York, NY