Thursday, May 23, 2013

Total Confidence in God eliminates this lady’s fear of cancer

I sat at the nurses station reviewing my first patient of the day. I flipped through her chart as the techs prepared her for the procedure. Nothing special. She was a 56 year old lady from Bradenton, Florida, who had a coin size mass seen in one of her lungs on a routine chest x-ray. Using computed tomography I had been requested by her referring physician to get a piece of tissue from the nodule to be examined under a microscope, by the pathologist to determine histologically if the growth was benign or malignant. Having reviewed her history and her routine chest films, I walked into the procedure room to introduce myself, explain the procedure and answer any questions she might have. I found a pleasant 56 year old female, who seemed quite calm and answered all my questions with a calmness not ordinarily seen in these situations. Most people have a deadly fear of cancer and death and both anxiety and barely suppressed fear are usually the norm.

I explained what I was about to do and that the tissue sample would confirm or exclude malignancy. I explained how I would numb the skin over her chest and then using CT imaging for placement, I would attempt to insert a cutting needle in the middle of the soft tissue mass in her lung and obtain a core of tissue for the pathologist to examine. She listened carefully as I went on to describe all the possible complications associated with the procedure. She smiled and nodded her assent, asked no questions and signed the consent form with the same degree of concern as if signing a letter to her best friend.

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A true story as related by John T. Spencer MD,
a recently retired physician, after almost 40 years of practicing Medicine. 


Friday, May 17, 2013

Virgin Mary appearing to Chaldean Woman in Southeastern Michigan, part 2

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This is a follow-up to the posting of January 20, 2013, titled “Virgin Mary appearing to Chaldean Woman in Southeastern Michigan”.  I was invited to visit the home of the woman by one of the priests supporting her.  The priest gave a Mass at this woman’s home on Wednesday, March 6, 2013.  There were about 30 people present, all seated on the family’s furniture and folding chairs.  The priest stood in front of the several religion icons that were weeping oil while giving Mass.  It was a very worshipful event.  There were no curiosity seekers, indicating that every person was individually invited.

The visionary is a Chaldean woman that I would guess is in her 40’s, and she was very humble, peaceful and welcoming to all.  I was astonished to find out that just recently she had been in the hospital and was still weak from that experience, but still wanted to open her house to involve others in this miraculous series of events.   

The visionary has two sons, and I met them both.  One is a football player at a local high school, and the other is in middle school. This woman is married to a man who owns a small business.  Their names are withheld to protect them from curiosity seekers and mass media.

The visionary has been undergoing several types of suffering, and she is doing so willingly.  She has had unusual and recurring medical problems, lack of support from her extended family, pressure from the local clergy to give up some of the icons, loss of privacy.  The Virgin has asked her to share in Her suffering and in the suffering of Her Son.  Here are some interactions recorded between the two of them.
Visionary:  “I hear the people criticizing me and the visitors wanting oil . Please stop the oozing of the oil so that the people will stop visiting my small house.”
The Blessed Virgin Mary answered her: “ This is a wound from among the wounds of my Son which He gives you, to bear and to share with me in my sufferings.”

The Visionary was kneeling before the Icon. She was praying and complaining about her financial difficulties and the people’s gossip, who were accusing her with attempting to attract attention and make money.
The Blessed Virgin Mary spoke to her: “ Share with me in my sufferings , as ..."

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Bill Schaef
Royal Oak, MI