Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It was like there was an orchestra conductor in the sky

In the first blog post of March 13,  I mentioned that I’d write two stories about real-life coincidences that indicate to me the love of Jesus in the days before my Mom's death, because someone was provided exactly what they needed in a surprise way.  This is the second of those stories.
It was on the day that, looking back, was the first day of my Mom’s one-week-long dying process.  Things started happening very quickly and very unexpectedly. People normally describe a day like that as a day when ‘All hell broke loose’.  But above it all, it became clear to me that also on that same day, ‘All heaven broke loose’.   
It was Monday, Feb. 27, 2012.  My Mom had revealed to us a week earlier, when she could no longer hide it, that she had developed breast cancer about nine months earlier, and wanted no doctor’s involvement.
I was at work. At a pre-agreed time (11:20am), I called my Mom to see if she was OK.  No answer.  She told me not to worry if that were to happen, since she may be in the bathroom, and to call back in an hour.  So I did.  No answer.  I started cancelling my afternoon appointments and called a third time to tell her on the answering machine I’d be there in 30 minutes. That 30 minute drive started out a mental maelstrom for me, imagining my mother crumpled at the bottom of her stairs, bleeding from a horrible fall, and other unpleasant possibilities.

I began to pray out loud to Jesus, saying, “Lord, help me be able to handle what I find.”...

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