Wednesday, November 14, 2012

God Showed Himself in an Unexpected Way

In December, 1986 I was out of a job, and I prayed intently that God would help me find just the right job. I felt confident that He would, because surely He’d have to agree this was my most pressing need. As it turned out, He must have thought there was another need more pressing: letting me know He really exists.     
Here is one of several coincidences that occurred during the several months I was unemployed:
I wanted to find out if any Human Resources positions existed at the large corporate offices of Perry Drugs in Pontiac, MI. Perry was getting good business reviews at the time. So, I drove there one morning, picked up some company literature and asked at the front desk if I could talk to someone about potential opportunities in the training or organizational development departments. The lady gave me a standard address to send my resume to, and politely bid adieu.  
Frustrated, I walked outside into the parking lot, and decided to ask the first person I met what the Perry working environment was like, so I could at least come away with something. The person I stopped was the Manager of Training and Development! I was elated when she gave me her card and asked me to call her the following Monday, when she’d have time to talk. The coincidence was invigorating, and I thanked God.

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