Sunday, April 28, 2013

After prayer, unexpected visions and healings

I  have been involved for some time with healing through the graces of the Holy Spirit, both receiving healing and being part of the instrument for healing. I can remember the first time, some 30 years ago, when I was part of a prayer team meeting at Duns Scotus in Southfield Michigan under the guidance of Fr. Duane Stenzel OFM. 
The holy place known as Duns Scotus in the 1980's.  Southfield, Michigan.
One day a young man came in asking for prayer, but wouldn’t share anything specific. As we closed our eyes and prayed over him, I clearly saw a picture in my head of a boy sitting at a kitchen table and an older man standing over him and they were yelling at each other. 

As a “rookie” with Healing prayer, I wasn’t sure what to do, but shared aloud what I saw. The young man burst into tears and said that the man was his father and that they had been in their kitchen just this morning and had a nasty argument. From then, the leader of the prayer team gently proceeded to lead the prayer into the specific situation. The sense of peace that came over the young man and his gratitude as he left the session re-confirmed for me how much God loves us and wants us to know and experience His peace ... and that He will use all available instruments to do that.

I didn’t think anything was unusual about my experience as there seemed to be many “signs and wonders” going on with all the prayer groups and Healing sessions at Duns Scotus. It was a bit of a “spiritual oasis” during the 80’s. I know of others that had similar experiences to mine. It truly was a great feeling to know you are being used by the Holy Spirit in some way.

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Troy, Michigan

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Armada in the clouds going homeward tell Peter Hritiu that WWII was over

Aug. 14, 1945,    World War II
In the U.S. Navy
On board CVE 58   Aircraft carrier Corregidor           
Operating from Pearl Harbor.

It was evening.  Operations for pilot training had ceased for the day.  The weather was fair, the water was calm and the sky heavy with the mountains and puff of billowy clouds.  I was on the flight deck enjoying the quiet and having yet another look at what nature had to offer.  At first glance at the sea, there were no seagulls, no dolphins, nothing to see in the water.  My eyes lifted to the sky.  All of heaven was filled with clouds as far as the eye could see and they seemed to rest heavy on the horizon along the entire view from left to right.  It was pleasant providing shade and quieting the glare from the water.  The wind was quiet and the clouds floated easy, undisturbed, holding massive shapes.  Too many to count or describe except for their colors:  dark gray, light gray with patches of blue where the clouds allowed a peek at the sky.  
Suddenly, as though I was watching a movie, I saw silhouettes of ships in the clouds.  I saw a battleship, a cruiser, a destroyer, a troop ship, an aircraft carrier, and others.  A full armada going in the opposite direction of the enemy.

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Peter Hritiu
USN Sailor First Class
Written April 13, 2013