Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rays of Sunshine at exactly the right moment

On April 16, 2011, a huge Christian outdoor prayer rally organized by was scheduled to be held outdoors. All the weather forecasts predicted rain all morning, and so the 20,000 staunch participant who showed up came prepared with rain gear.  As I was driving to the event, and just one mile away from the parking, the rain was coming down HARD.  But I was surprised by what I heard on the radio. Broadcasters who were standing in the main center of the event said that where they were standing, the rain had just STOPPED.  When I got there, local TV Weatherman  (and MC for the event) Chuck Gaidica was speaking from the main stage. He said that he and his colleagues had predicted rain all morning. And he believed that the sudden dryness at this time and this place could only be credited to God. The crowd cheered in agreement. At that point the crowd was awed as the sun broke through the dark clouds, sending a wide, piercing ray of sun down on the the event parking lot. It was as if God was saying "Yes, that was me."
Gasps were heard in every direction, because of the coincidental timing of all these events.

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