Sunday, July 17, 2011

The name of God is stronger...

Dan G. was ordained as a Deacon last year, and he told this story about God's name protecting him from a spiritual attack. Dan is a regular guy just like most of the fellows in the Men's Fellowship at my church.  I have gone to that church for years and not heard any discussion about the devil and so most of us don't pay any attention to that topic.  Dan was the same way.  Until he decided to commit himself to the Lord's service as a Deacon. He was told by his trainers at the seminary (also a pretty level headed bunch, notwithstanding their dedication to God) that historically, the closer the seminarians got to making the commitment, the more frequently bad things would happen to them.  They interpreted it as being a spiritual attack from the devil to get them to change their minds. Dan told me, "I said to myself, yeah sure, like that's going to really happen."  Because he, like me, had not before this given so much total attention to the service of God, nor had he had any event happen that he could have attributed to the devil.
On the day of his ordination, he and the other Deacons were prostrating themselves on the floor in a sign of servitude to God when all of a sudden, Dan felt the worst pain in his chest he had ever felt in his life.  He suddenly began to believe the warning.  So Dan said angrily, "In the name of God, GO AWAY!", and the pain vanished.
Dan is now a committed Deacon.   : )

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