Wednesday, July 6, 2011

God Whispered to Her

One time when my wife was in college and really overwhelmed by the massive amounts of tough homework and by the lack of contact with her family and friends, she was feeling very depressed.  She didn't have much energy for anything, but found five minutes to clear her mind and pray.  In that five minutes, she appealed to God for something that would help her.  She very clearly "heard" Him whisper "Do you have any idea how much I love you?".

Her depression went away. She felt completely loved by the author of Love and the tedium and burdens didn't seem to matter.  She had the wherewithall to keep moving forward after that. 

My observation about the characteristics of this message from God:
1.   It's loving and authoritative.
2.   He identifies himself as being a different person than you.
3.   His message is in response to what your current need is.
4.   His message corresponds to Biblical teaching.
5.   The impact on the listener is to both support the listener and bring them closer to God.

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