Saturday, July 21, 2012

Understanding the motivation and feelings of a Pro-Life Organizer

A little piece of my heart is wounded each time we are unable to help a woman turn from her plan to abort the tiny human life within her womb. As an Ultrasound Technician for the past 35 years, I have had the honor of witnessing the work of the Lord, in the womb. “I knit you together in your Mother’s womb…” Psalm 139:13. I have seen and documented the development of tiny humans as they progress through different stages of their lives. “You were made in My image” Genesis 1:27 “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalms 139:14. “Even the very hairs on your head are numbered” Matthew 10:29-31. I have watched the children jump and stretch, stick their tongues out, yawn, suck their thumb, show me if they’re a boy or girl, listen their heart beat, measure their bones and waist size. I have been privileged to watch their growth through the various stages of human development and share that view with their parents and our Creator. I can’t help but be attached to them, because I know them; I have seen and heard them. I have watched them play...

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Mike Stack MEV

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Unusual coincidence inspires young lady to produce a play by the former Pope

Danielle and Co-Star Daniel Hennessey
A few months ago, Danielle Center, 25, an administrative assistant in the Detroit Archdiocesan Office of Digital Media, was considering doing a production of the play “The Jeweler’s Shop”, a play written in 1960 by Karol Wojtyla, the Polish priest who would later become Pope John Paul II.  She was still undecided when she went to a Lenten retreat in Chicago, which includes the opportunity to go to Confession.

“So, there I was, waiting for my turn to confess, examination of conscience in hand. For some reason, the fellow next to me began chatting about his life in Toronto, and we discovered we both enjoyed theatre. I posed the question, ‘If you were to perform any play with your friends, what play would it be?’

“In the next breath, he turned and said, ‘Without a doubt, “The Jeweler’s Shop.”’ And then I laughed and told him I was taking this conversation as a sign...

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This story posted with permission from Danielle Center.

The Murderer who became a Nun

I have been part of a volunteer prison ministry for years at a prison in Washtenaw County, Michigan.  While there, I met a woman that everyone knew only as “Granny”.  She had been in prison for 42 years, and was serving a life sentence without parole for a murder she committed when she was a very young woman.  Only in the past year did I discover what her real name was, but for her sake, I won’t share it here.

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, in her waning days in office (end of 2010) introduced a program which commuted the sentence of certain non-violent offenders serving life sentences.  Their sentence would be set to equal their time served.  Only a small percentage of those who applied for commutation under their program were granted release  Granny was one of them...

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Dan Fedder

God’s Words inspire an ex married couple to turn their hate into friendship

My mother and father had a horribly messy divorce in 1985. Like so many others of their generation, the marriage was one of convenience, based far more on an exchange of services (e.g. housekeeping for a paycheck)  Never in my memory did they have what you could define as a happy or loving relationship.  There were many confrontations over the years, some of them violent.

Christmas day, 1984 was a fight for the record books.  My wife Pat and I arrived at my parents’ house mid-afternoon.  Usually Dad didn’t drink until the afternoon, which is one of reasons he got away with his drinking for so many years.  Uncharacteristically on this day, he was fully “in the bag” by 3pm.  He and my brother got into an argument over something that was truly silly:  whether my 18 yr old, college freshman brother, would eat his vegetables.  That was enough to set my mother off, and the fight that ensued was ugly and violent to the point that we felt that we had to get my mother out of the house for her own safety...  

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Deacon Dan Fedder

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Unusual reaction to buying a new car – from a Christian perspective

Bill Griffin and New 2012 Ford Focus

We / I got a new car this past Saturday.  It’s the one I’ll be using, but it belongs to my wife and I.  It’s only the third new car either of us has had, so it should be an experience that comes across as really special.  But I’m noticing that despite the cool new features… Ford Sync voice activation where I can tell it to “Call Mary” or “Get Directions”, the cool body styling, the smooth transmission and acceleration, the leather seats, the on-dash multi-purpose displays, the great gas mileage,…  I’m finding myself only moderately excited for it.   I have not had the urge to show it off to my friends or bring it up in the first few minutes of conversation at work so that I can brag about it.  Sure, I’m informing the people who’d known I was shopping, so that they are in the loop.  But not much more. 

I’m understanding this “underwhelmed” reaction from a Christian point of view… it’s a point of view that is filtering into just about every area of my life now. 

I’m seeing the value of an activity or object from the viewpoint of God looking down on us... 

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Bill Griffin
Royal Oak, Michigan