Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Unusual reaction to buying a new car – from a Christian perspective

Bill Griffin and New 2012 Ford Focus

We / I got a new car this past Saturday.  It’s the one I’ll be using, but it belongs to my wife and I.  It’s only the third new car either of us has had, so it should be an experience that comes across as really special.  But I’m noticing that despite the cool new features… Ford Sync voice activation where I can tell it to “Call Mary” or “Get Directions”, the cool body styling, the smooth transmission and acceleration, the leather seats, the on-dash multi-purpose displays, the great gas mileage,…  I’m finding myself only moderately excited for it.   I have not had the urge to show it off to my friends or bring it up in the first few minutes of conversation at work so that I can brag about it.  Sure, I’m informing the people who’d known I was shopping, so that they are in the loop.  But not much more. 

I’m understanding this “underwhelmed” reaction from a Christian point of view… it’s a point of view that is filtering into just about every area of my life now. 

I’m seeing the value of an activity or object from the viewpoint of God looking down on us... 

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Bill Griffin
Royal Oak, Michigan

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  1. Thanks for sharing such inspiring insights, Bill. However, giving up your old car doesn’t mean you’re losing some kind of merit, it’s just that you’re opening yourself to certain changes and embracing them.

    Sarah Erwin