Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tell her "God hates mommies and daddies” (what?!)

Graham Cooke
[Graham Cooke] tells the story of being invited to a church in England. Following the Sunday morning service, the pastor invites him to his house for dinner. When he arrives at the house he is introduced to some of the church elders as well as to a young lady whom he is told is soon going to be sent out by the church as a missionary to China. Following the meal, the pastor then asks if he would pray for the lady. First, however, the young woman shared her vision for China and what she hoped to be doing. It was then time to pray. Immediately [Graham] bowed his head, and the Lord spoke a clear word into his spirit. "Tell her I hate mommies and daddies." This man has a good sense of humor and thought to himself, Sometimes I detest this gift. Why can't I be a teacher? The Lord, however, kept impressing this thought upon his mind, "Tell her I hate mommies and daddies."  

He then shared some valuable insight into the "prophetic" realm. He said, "the mind receives information , the spirit receives revelation, and the mind and the spirit don't always agree." The
Bible says, "the natural mind understands not the things of the Spirit of God, because they are foolishness" (see 1 cor. 2:14). And his mind was saying, "this is foolishness. This doesn't make sense. Why should I tell her that You hate mommies and daddies, and I'm not going to embarrass myself by saying that You hate mommies and daddies. I can't."

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