Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bible verse directly answered her dead friend's question

During August, I had resolved to read a chapter of John’s gospel a day. On the day I was due to read Chapter 16, a call came telling me one of my most cherished friends had died that afternoon.  As I hung up the phone, I repeated to my husband the question my friend had raised in the course of our last conversation.  “I wonder if all our questions will be answered when we get to heaven,” she had said, “or if we will have no more questions…”

With her words echoing through my thoughts, I went off alone.  I took my bible with me since there was still a chapter of John to read that day.  I spoke to my friend in prayer and wept for the conversations we would never have again.  I wondered if all her questions were answered, now that she was in heaven.  Finally, I opened John’s gospel to where I’d left off the day before and there I read the following verse:

“You are sad for a time, but I will see you again.  Then your hearts will rejoice with a joy no one can take from you. On that day you will have no questions to ask me.”  ...

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Brigid Geroux


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