Saturday, June 18, 2011

That wonderful quiet "voice"

From June 6, 2011
This morning I was parked in the car pool parking lot - first one there.  So I closed my eyes to pray.  Started thinking immediately about the argument with my wife yesterday night.  I just had to let it come up.  I was going through the human reactions of anger; of a desire to withhold my home repair work if she’s not going to appreciate it; of not talking to her until she apologized or told me she would try to be more appreciative.  That heavy wooden barrel had quite a bit of momentum and would have kept rolling down a very long hill picking up steam if I had not allowed the spirit to talk me out of it.  I do feel that He speaks to us in a calming language.  With almost 5 months of practice really listening, I am starting to recognize his voice right away.  Voice may not be the correct word.  Calming presence.  Accompanying that calming presence are thoughts that seem to come from outside myself.  “Give her what she needs even though she isn’t giving you what you need.”   It was un-human in origin, and so in tune with the style of Jesus found in the Bible.  A tone of sacrifice for others, even those others who do not deserve it.  In it was inherent the willingness to set aside ego and focus on the will of God, who wants harmony and love.  Only He could author such simple mastery.  The barrel of upset stopped rolling down the hill.  I felt like I had my answer.  

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