Sunday, June 16, 2013

How God provided an alternative to suicide in a most unusual circumstance

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One morning, a number of years back, I made plans for my suicide.  That very afternoon I met Jesus Christ in a way that changed my whole life forever.
I grew up in an environment that taught me to compete, to strive, to overachieve.  As an adult this same attitude marked my life. Even after I was married and had children, my self-worth came from my job. I watched others succeed, saw their success lead to more money and admiration. I wanted to be like them. I worked harder and modeled myself after them. As I became more of an achiever and success in the business sense, I was becoming increasing less successful as a father and husband. My identity was tied to my job. Yes, I was religious in the conventional sense. I even took my family to Church on Sunday.
That year there was a dip in the business, which affected the company, me included, and we found ourselves with a new boss.  I threw myself into my job with even greater effort and time. Meanwhile at home things were getting worse.

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Sam Lynd
Royal Oak, MI
This happened in 1974

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