Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holy Spirit woke her at 2am to ask her to pray, and...

This story told to me in person by Pedro Gutierrez (not his real name).  Pedro is married to Felicia, and they have a son named Victor.  A number of years ago, when Victor was in his early 20's, Victor was causing the parents concern about his rebelious behavior. He looked the part too: very long hair, drove a loud motorcycle, liked to wear a long black coat. He was dating a very attractive and well endowed woman at the time.
One night, Felicia was awakened at 2am by the impulse that she needed to pray for Victor right away.  She woke up Pedro and told him about the impulse to pray and Pedro agreed they should pray.  They prayed for 10 minutes intently. 

The next day, they contacted Victor, who told this story:  He and his girlfriend had been in a bar at around 2am, and some people were showing some angry, jealous behavior to them, and they decided to leave quickly.  As they drove away, the angry people followed them with a gun...

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