Saturday, December 10, 2011

During a painful time, he felt hugged by Jesus

"A long time ago now, I got divorced.  It was a really bad one.  Both of us were in real pain.  It was a horrible time and I needed some hope.  I stood outside of my trailer and saw a rainbow just at that exact moment when I needed to feel hope, and I felt "That's it! That's Him!"
When He really embraces you, and I mean I felt like the rainbow was a personal hug just for me, then you know there's a new beginning.  It made all the difference.

What that taught me was that as long as we stay near Him (have faith that is), He will hold us up.  It's been years since that rainbow, and I still feel the same way, and that's why I stay close to Him."

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Jake from Troy, Michigan

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