Saturday, September 10, 2011

Woman inside collapsing 9/11 North Tower Survived

Josephine Harris was inside the North Tower of the World Trade Center at the moment it collapsed, and survived.  There was only one small pocket of Stairway B between the second and fourth floors of the building that did not get destroyed despite the fact that entire mass of the building above her just came rumbling down. 

Here's how it happened:  Josephine worked on the 73rd floor as a bookkeeper, and after the terrorist plane hit the North Tower, she started down the long stairwell, and had made it to the 15th floor and was exhausted. Above her, six firefighters from Ladder Company 6 had decided to leave the building as fast as possible and were quickly descending the same stairs.  They found her on the 15th floor and decided to slow down to her pace so that she could get some help making it the rest of the way.

Firefighter Bill Butler supported her weight, but Ms. Harris collapsed around the fourth floor and "was yelling at us to leave her," Chief John Jonas explained.   "We weren't going to leave her".  So they stayed with her.  A short while later, while they stayed put, the entire building collapsed above and below them, but they were saved.

Chief Jonas said, “You cannot say that something that happened to you is a miracle. But we had the courage to do what we did, and you can say that if she was not there for us to save her, we probably would not have made it.”  (They later gave her a t-shirt with the phrase "guardian angel")

Josephine Harris with Firefighter Bill Butler 

They survived this

Fire Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano said “On a day that will always be recalled for its inconceivable devastation and unimaginable loss, the story of Josephine and the firefighters of Ladder 6 was nothing short of miraculous. One hundred floors of a high-rise building came down on them, and, huddled together, they managed to survive.”

Can we know for sure that God played a hand in this unusual coincidence?  Impossible to know for sure.                   
See video of this story here:

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