Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random callers coincidentally 'steered' to the phone counselors who could resolve their problem

This story was told in 1999 by Deb Matthews on her site 'True Christian Stories'.  It is another example that shows that if we give a little of ourselves to others, God sometimes multiplies the goodness that happens.

Deb Matthews

One night Deb was volunteering for a nationally broadcast crusade providing telephone counseling.  She decided to do it despite her concern that people might call with a problem that she didn't know how to handle.  A number of other volunteers were doing the same thing, and were within earshot of each other.  Calls came in at random, and they were routed to whomever was next free.

As the night went on, she noticed that each of the volunteer counselors seemed to be getting only one or two types of callers.  One volunteer got a lot of calls from kids with problems.
Another volunteer got a number of calls from people with depression, including two who were suicidal.  Deb was getting a lot of calls from youth and senior citizens.

Deb also noticed that the patterns coincided exactly with the area of expertise that each volunteer counselor brought to the table.  Other counselors were noticing the same thing and made comments like, "I'm getting calls that are right up my alley!" 

To Deb, it seemed very much like this type of pairing up the needy with the helpers was not being guided by chance.  She felt as if God must be participating in this event to help those in need get what they needed, by means of the people who were selfless enough to offer their services.  She felt like she was witnessing something remarkable, and so she shared it on her website,  Check it out.  There are a couple of dozen additional stories there.

My commentary:  Is God Real?  I consider this more evidence.

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