Friday, September 16, 2011

Christ helps man accept outsourcing of jobs from America

My friend Charlie (not his real name - he may not want to admit he ever had these feelings) confided in me that after the American recession following Sept 11, 2001, his former willingness to be friends with and learn about the culture and food of people from India started to fade and turn into resentment because he felt that the American jobs were being outsourced, mainly to India, and that it made it harder for him to retain good work here.  He said he had a hard time feeling friendly towards Indians during that time, and stayed upset for a few years.

But then he was studying the book of Matthew 20 in the Bible.  In it, Jesus tells the parable of a landowner hiring men in the early morning to work in his vineyard for the standard wage for a full day's work.  Throughout the day, even until the last hour, he hired others as well.  At the end of the day, he paid each man the same wage: a full day's pay.  The men who worked the whole day complained that it was not fair.  The landowner answered, "Why should you be envious because I am generous?"

Charlie got to thinking, and changed his perspective about the good jobs also going to the Indians after the Americans were able to land the good jobs for over 100 years.  He realized that in God's eyes, the Indians are being treated as Charlie himself would like to be treated.  He is now no longer resentful, but thankful to God for the many years of generousity.

Christ can change people's hearts for the better.

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