Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Rose survived 1700 degree flame for over an hour

When beloved Catholic priest Monsignor John A. Trese died at age 81 in Oct. 2004, he was cremated. Before his body went into the furnace, which burns at 1700 degrees, a rose was placed on his body.  When the cremation was complete, the door was opened, and all that was found was ashes... and the rose, intact.  His parishioners at St. Columban Catholic Church in Birmingham, MI were not at all surprised that he of all people would be honored by this symbolic message, apparently from God, that there was something very special about this priest.  The funeral director stated that in all his years he had never seen that happen before.

The rose was given as a keepsake to Trese family friend Sister Mary Fran Gilleran, IHM, president of the IHM congregation in Monroe, Michigan, who died July 9, 2011.   

                                                                  Father Jack Trese

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