Saturday, June 18, 2011

He didn't want to drive to the Prison

Today at Men’s Fellowship, Pierre F. told a story of how he only had an hour left before the prison ministry time would be over, and he was at home and got a nagging feeling that he should drive in to the prison to be there for the men.  He accepted the prompting by getting in the car and driving.  But the whole time he was kicking himself for being so inefficient with his time, and convincing himself that his urge to go to the prison would be better served if he could go on a day when he could spend the full time period there.  But he couldn’t talk himself out of driving and he arrived.  When he got there, one of the inmates said, “Boy, I’m glad you showed up today.  I’ve been waiting a week to talk to a Chaplain”.
Pierre’s point was that the Holy Spirit really does prompt us when there is a need, and that if we respond, we can be an instrument in accomplishing His work. 

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